The Best Sports Books

We are a group of sports books enthusiasts from all across the US, our in-house team hails from Michigan, Virginia, Arizona, Maryland, Colorado, Kansas – you name it! We have reviewed some of the best online offers on books about sports and have created and curated the list below.

Best Selling Sports Books

We are a group of sports books enthusiasts from all across the US, our in-house team hails from Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Florida – all over the country! We have reviewed some of the best online offers on books about sports and have created and curated the list below. Each of us personally own all of these, as should you! Enjoy our list.

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Acclaimed sports journalist Jack McCallum delivers the untold story of the greatest team ever assembled: the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team. As a writer for Sports Illustrated, McCallum enjoyed a courtside seat for the most exciting basketball spectacle on earth, covering the Dream Team from its inception to the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona.

Inspirational Sports

Engaging Stories, Bonus Extras


This book is the compromise you’ve been looking for with life stories of some of the most famous athletes of all time. We discuss all of the challenges they faced in life and how those obstacles made them stronger and the person they became. We cover every sport from football, baseball and basketball to gymnastics and surfing. This book will engage every young sports fan as they learn about their favorite current stars as well as some of the most influential athletes of the past.

Inspirational Sports Stories for Young Readers is the perfect gift for the sports-obsessed child in your life.

Scholastic Sports 2023

Premium Entertainment with Bonus Surprises


The ultimate book for young sports fans is back with the past year’s top sports stories.

Look back on another year in sports with Scholastic, featuring exciting and all-new coverage for 2023.Get up close and personal with the top athletes in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and more in this perfect book for sports fanatics and newbies alike.

Shoot Your Shot

Fresh and Affordable, Bonus Delights


Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. LeBron James. Stephen Curry. Giannis Antetokounmpo. Kevin Durant. These are some of the most high profile names in one of the world’s most popular sports–basketball.

But what steps did they take to elevate themselves to superstardom?

What principles did they follow in order to become the best of the best?

So Help Me Golf

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This is the book Rick Reilly has been writing in the back of his head since he fell in love with the game of golf at eleven years old. He unpacks and explores all of the wonderful, maddening, heart-melting, heart-breaking, cool, and captivating things about golf that make the game so utterly addictive. We meet the PGA Tour player who robbed banks by night to pay his motel bills, the golf club maker who takes weekly psychedelic trips, and the caddy who kept his loop even after an 11-year prison stint.

Spectacular Stories

Must-See Content with Bonus Perks


Loving sports ignites our passions and dreams.
They develop grit and determination.

These are all wonderfully healthy things for kids of all ages.
Sports bring joy and inspiration to all of us.

The stories in this book will absolutely amaze and fascinate.
They are the wildest and most spectacular sports stories you’ll find anywhere.

Swagger: Super Bowls

Top-Notch Content with Bonus Benefits


Hall of Fame football coach Jimmy Johnson’s house isn’t on the way to anything. Yet, his private sanctuary on the Florida Keys’ Islamorada islands is a popular destination to which college and professional coaches, general managers, and team owners regularly trek to seek advice—how to build a positive team culture, draft elite players, balance work and family life, and lead a team to win.

Football Trivia Book

Fresh Entertainment with Bonus Surprises


The Ultimate Football Trivia Book tests and expands your knowledge on the sport of football—covering players’ careers from Draft Day to the rookie season, the Pro Bowl, and beyond! In this collection of six hundred questions, seasoned football writer Chris Price tests your level of expertise on all things football. 

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