The Ultimate Football Trivia Book


The Ultimate Football Trivia Book tests and expands your knowledge on the sport of football—covering players’ careers from Draft Day to the rookie season, the Pro Bowl, and beyond! In this collection of six hundred questions, seasoned football writer Chris Price tests your level of expertise on all things football. Some of the many questions that Price poses include:

  • Who was the last player to collect an MVP and Super Bowl trophy in the same season? (Kurt Warner)
  • Which rookie running back set the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season? (Eric Dickerson)
  • Who is the only quarterback in the top 10 in career playoff passing yards NOT to win a Super Bowl? (Dan Marino)
  • What 2010 Pro Bowl quarterback never started a game in college? (Matt Cassel)

Football stars and coaches past and present are represented, from Johnny Unitas to Peyton Manning, Randy Moss to Tom Brady, Bart Starr to Aaron Rodgers, Bill Parcells to Bill Belichick and everyone in between.
The Ultimate Football Trivia Book is the definitive test for knowledgeable football fans!